If you're thinking of eloping on a beach - DO IT!

This elopement here in Fuerteventura was just perfect. It was adventurous, filled with so much joy and heart and just the perfect intimate experience, focused on the love M&L have for each other. See the gallery & more information below ↓


I explored Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife by myself with my van & got to know some amazing people on the island. So here's a list of elopement & wedding vendors as well as beaches on the Canary Islands I can definitely recommend:

  • Hair & Make-Up: Elli from Beautyventura (IG: beautyventura_makeup_hair) - her giggly soul spreads good mood from the first second on
  • Bridal dresses: Magik Dress Novia (IG: magikdress_novias) - check out Tatianas dresses!!
  • In for some adventure? Rent a van! IG: ananda_fuerte
  • Cakes: My friend Alisa (IG: the_brown_bakery) lives in Costa Calma & makes THE most amazing and delicious cakes ever
  • Picnics: SoulfruitPicnics Gran Canaria
  • Beaches: Playa La Pared (amazing sunset), Cofete, Playa Mal Nombre, El Cotillo

And if you're looking for a photographer that captures your special day with all small and big moments - hit me up! I would love love looove to accompany you. In addition, I can craft your personalized elopement experience by planning out your most favorite activities for this day, research places and get in contact with service providers all over the island. So an all-in package from your special third-wheel-girl!

Looking fooorward to adventure with you to the canary islands!

Braut schaut zu Surfer & Sonnenuntergang, am Strand La Pared in Fuerteventura
Brautpaar bei Elopement in Fuerteventura
Bridal couple running on beach in Fuerteventura, elopement photography
Bride running with bridal dress on beach
Elopement Fotografie am Strand
Bridal Couple Portrait, Bride looks into camera, groom looks at sunset
Brautpaar bei Elopement auf Fuerteventura
Brautpaar kurz vor dem Kuss am Strand
Bridal couple on beach on Canary islands
After Wedding Session, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
Bridal couple smiling and touching forehead
Small beach wedding on Fuerteventura
Bride hugging groom at elopement in Spain
Bride smiling at groom at elopement in spain, Wedding Photography
Hochzeitsfotografie Spanien, Auslandshochzeit

Let's get the party started, shall we?