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Capturing your moving wedding moments in moving pictures

I love to capture the real moments and emotions of your special day in videos. Do you prefer an epic film to show your friends and family or a catchy highlight video? Don't worry, you'll get what you want.

I love to show your love up close by creating unique and emotional videos matched to your favourite music. My movies are authentic, modern and cut quickly but smoothly. I love to portray your smiles, tears of joy and most intimate moments. Most importantly, my videos follow a storyline and show your special day in all its happiness and glory.

Here you can get to know me and my photographer fiancée better.




Dolomites Elopement

Adventurous Elopement on Lago di Braies & in the Mountains

Elopement in the Dolomites

Pragser Wildsee, Südtirol

Wedding Couple striking a pose on Lago di Braies with the Italian Alps as their background
Bride bending over to Groom sitting in a boat at Lago di Braies in the Dolomites

Mountain Elopement in the Austrian Alps

Boho Summer Mountain Love at Jufenalm, Salzburg, Austria

Dream Summer Wedding in the Austrian Alps

Jufenalm, Salzburg, Austria

Bride and groom standing on Terrace in the mountains reading their wedding vows to each other, Jufenalm
Wedding couple walking in forrest near Jufenalm in Salzburg smiling at each other

Celine & Daniel

Romantic Micro Wedding in Austria

Steiermark Elopement

Elopement in beautiful Austria

Wedding Couple Sparkler Photos kissing each other
Groom looking directly into the camera during wedding ceremony while bride is looking at her daughter in the back

Almdorf Seinerzeit Elopement

Autumn Love with Glam Elements

Almdorf Seinerzeit Styled Wedding

Alpin Village Wedding

Wedding altar with flower hoop, bouquet and decoration in autumnal red colours with the mountains as a backdrop
Wedding Couple facing each other, laughing and drinking champagne from their champagne wall

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